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Franklin County UNITED Bank presents Simple e-Corp and Superior e-Corp!

Simple e-Corp and Superior e-Corp allow you to manage your business around the clock from anywhere you have internet access, all in a secure environment. As the name implies, Simple e-Corp is designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses, whereas Superior e-Corp adds additional functionality for more complex activity.

Simple e-Corp provides the following in a fast, easy and convenient way.

  • Check Account Balances
    Receive up-to-the-minute balance information on all your checking, savings, money market, and loan accounts.
  • Review Account and Loan Activity
    Find out if checks have been cashed and confirm if deposits have been credited to you account. No need to wait for monthly statements.
  • Transfer Funds and Loan Payments
    You will now have the ability to transfer funds between checking and savings accounts, or make loan payments from checking or savings.
  • Place a Stop Payment
    See a list of all stop payments associated with each account, stop payment research, and the ability to issue a stop payment.
  • Originate ACH Orders
    You can manually set up and send Automated Clearing House (ACH) entries.
  • Real Time Funds Management
    With Simple e-Corp, you can make accurate and immediate decisions based on real-time information, including account balances, cash position, loan maturity, payment and interest information. You have the capability of allowing specifically authorized employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers, and payments, including ACH and internal transfers, and loan payments. Individual employees can also be set up with access options, review requirements, time-of-day access, day-of-week access and many more options. Limits can be established that will allow you to review items employees have presented on fund and file transfers.
  • Transaction Activity
    You will be able to see up to the minute transaction activity, organized as follows: current business day, activity from last update, current statement cycle, previous statement cycle, and transaction research.
  • View Cancelled Checks On-Line
    When viewing your transaction activity, you have the option of clicking on a check number of a specific check that has posted to your account. This will show you an electronic copy of the cancelled check (front and back) that you can print on your printer.
  • Image and Transaction Search
    The “Transaction Menu” link provides you with a snapshot summary of your account activity including current business day, previous business day, and statement cycle activity in a consolidated format. A transaction search allows you to search for specific terms by transaction type, date, amount, and check number. Image search allows you to search for a specific image of a cancelled check by entering a check number and/or check amount.
  • Date and Time Stamp
    You not only will receive a confirmation number when you make a transfer, you will also see the date and time of the transfer on your confirmation receipt.
  • Security
    Franklin County United Bank is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Both Simple e-Corp and Superior e-Corp use state of the art 128 bit encryption technology which ensures a safe, secure and hassle free on-line banking environment.
  • System Requirements
    Simple e-Corp and Superior e-Corp are internet-based, which means you can access your accounts from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher).

Superior e-Corp provides all the functionality above, plus the following enhancements.

  • Batch File ACH Origination
    Using your external software, you can create and upload ACH files for payroll and other purposes. Using direct deposit for your payroll is safe and easy. It saves you time and streamlines your payroll process!
  • Initiate Wire Transfers
    Initiate domestic and international wire transfers. Eliminates the need to fax documents back and forth.

Please call us at (931) 968-3282 or email us at customerservice@fcub.net for more information and/or to learn how to enroll.

Online Banking Security Policy

Internet Banking Security
Franklin County United Bank considers customer information security a main concern. It is of utmost importance for us to protect you personal information when you are online to our web site. Therefore, we go to great lengths to insure that your transactions are confidential and secure by using the latest technology and abiding by all regulations set forth by our industry. The procedures we have in place include password and firewall protection, as well as a 128-bit key Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your information confidential.

Your User ID and Password
The most important way of protecting your Internet Banking transactions is by your USER ID and Password. Be sure to keep them a secret. Memorize them and, if you need to maintain written record of the codes, it is recommended that you store them in a secure place away from your computer and not in your wallet or purse. Always make sure no one is watching you enter the information and always log off the On-line Banking web site whenever you are away from your computer (click the log out button). If your computer is left unattended and the browser is running with your USER ID and Passwords entered, anyone can get access to your accounts. You are required to change your password every 90 days and do not use simple words or numbers in sequence. It is recommended that you use upper case and lower case letters and numbers and use symbols that are unique to you. Stay away from obvious words and numbers, like a family member’s name or birthday.

Security Browser Protocol
Communication through a browser with the ability to encrypt is a must. Franklin County United Bank requires the highest form of encryption, a 128-bit encryption browser to access our Internet Banking System. All traffic following the initial connection is encrypted using a key and an encryption algorithm. This method of encrypted communication is performed by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Customers can be confident that we have taken measures to offer the most secure connection possible for our customers.

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